A downloadable game for Windows


This game is about 40-60 min long. It has 2 routes and a total of 3 characters:

Takahiro - the protagonist of this story, a normal teenager who've experienced a great change in his life recently, and got tired of life.

Shiro - the heroine. She is a demon that was sent to kill Takahiro, but got to know him better and refused to accomplish her goal.

Akabu - the antagonist of this story. He is Shiro's brother who've made her go through a traumatizing past.


Kirirato - story developer, digital art

Merlyin - line-art, programming

AdiNed - beta-tester

Alditori - beta-tester

Install instructions

The game is in a .rar format. After you finished extracting the game, just click on the "Maou Kanojo.exe" file to begin the game.

Have fun~


MaouKanojo-all.rar 49 MB